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Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis or periodontal disease is the inflammation and destruction of gums, bone and surrounding soft tissues.

This may progress and cause chronic periodontal destruction leading to loosening or loss of teeth. The dynamics of the disease are such that the individual can experience episodes of rapid periodontal disease activity in a relatively short period of time, followed by periods of remission.

Though the majority of adults are affected by gingivitis, gingivitis fortunately does not always develop into periodontal disease. Progression of gum disease is influenced by a number of factors which include oral hygiene and genetic predisposition. One of the challenges for early detection of periodontal disease is its “silent” nature. The disease does not cause pain and can progress unnoticed. In its early stages, bleeding gums during tooth brushing may be the only sign; as the disease advances and the gums deteriorate, the bleeding may stop and there may be no further obvious sign until the teeth start to feel loose. In most cases, periodontal disease responds to treatment and although the destruction is largely irreversible its progression can be halted.

If you think that you may be suffering with gum disease,it’s important to treat it because it can affect both your dental health and your cardiovascular health. We can help you maintain your gum health with specific periodontal treatments to improve and maintain your gum health.

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