general dentistry servicesHow often do you think about general dentistry services? When was the last time you went to the dentist? If you can’t remember, then it is probably time to go! Did you know that when people started brushing their teeth, they started living longer, too? Oral health is a very important part of your overall health. Just as you visit your physician for regular check-ups, you should see the dentist regularly, as well.

Good oral healthcare should be instilled at an early age. Bringing young children to the dentist can help set them up for a lifetime of stronger, healthier teeth. While children are still growing, they can have treatments that will lead to healthier teeth later on in life. Learning about Frisco Dental Associates helps you to determine what dentistry services you need. Reach out to our team today at 972.335.2201 for more information about our dental options.

What Services Does Frisco Dental Provide?

Aside from surgery and jaw realignment, there isn’t much that your family or general dentist cannot do. For instance, a general dentist is responsible for cleaning your teeth. We’ll also provide dental exams to determine if your teeth are healthy and whether there are any problems that we need to address. During this exam, we can provide sealants to help protect your teeth from cavities.

If you do have cavities, we can address them. We strive to make the process of filling cavities as painless as possible. With seamless dental fillings, we can make sure that we remove any bacteria that caused the cavity and keep the tooth healthy once more.

Our services are available for both adults and children. We believe that every person, no matter their age, should be able to have healthy teeth, and we can help you do that.

When Should You Go to the Dentist?

People sometimes only come to our dentist’s office in Frisco, TX when they are experiencing pain, a tooth has been knocked out, or for other dental problems, such as an abscess or a chipped tooth. Only seeing the dentist when something is wrong could end up being more costly in the long run. If you make it a point to get to the dentist regularly, you will keep your oral health in good standing. Your teeth will not decay, and you will avoid treatments such as root canals, crowns, fillings, implants, or dentures.

Genetics play a role in the strength of your teeth. For this reason, some people will need more preventative work than others. People who are born with soft teeth may need to come in for cleanings more often than others. Usually, it is recommended that you have a routine cleaning annually or biannually. Your dentist will talk with you about how often they think you should come in for cleanings.

What Should You Expect From Regular Check-Ups?

A visit to the dentist usually takes about an hour, unless you are planning to have additional treatments done, such as:

Your dental office should be able to let you know how much time to set aside for the appointment. During your visit, your dentist will give you a cleaning to remove plaque deposits. They will also take x-rays if they are due. Additionally, your dentist will perform a dental exam to check for early signs of cancer to ensure that your mouth is in tip-top shape for years to come.

Don’t put off seeking general dentistry services any longer. Please schedule an appointment today by giving us a call at 972.335.2201. Your mouth will be happy that you did!