Many people today don’t get the dental treatment they need. Are you nervous about coming to the dental office? Alternatively, maybe life has just gotten in the way, and you missed an appointment or two. Fortunately, with general dental exams, we can get you back on track.

At Frisco Dental, we are committed to your long-term dental health. With the help of routine oral exams, we can make your desire to have healthy teeth a reality. Don’t wait until you’re suffering from pain to seek an appointment. Reach out to our expert team today by calling 972.335.2201 or using our helpful online form to schedule your first appointment.

How Frequently Should You Go to the Dentist?

We recommend that healthy adults and children should see a dentist every six months for comprehensive cleanings, exams, and any needed x-rays. These visits are essential for several reasons.

First, they give our professional dental team a chance to find any issues early. If we’re not able to do that, they turn into something more serious and more expensive to repair. Furthermore, these visits allow our team to give you that deep cleaning you can’t get at home. Finally, routine exams generally lead to better oral care outside of our office.

What Should You Expect During Your Exam?

During your dental exam, our team evaluates your oral health through:

  • X-rays and pictures: Our first step is to take a full set of digital, low-radiation x-rays and intra-oral images that help us evaluate your teeth, bone, and surrounding tissue. The intraoral photographs also help you see and understand your dental health.
  • Oral cancer screening: Next, we will conduct a visual screening for oral cancer. This condition can be life-threatening if we are not able to identify it early. Then, we will let you know if we see any abnormalities that we may need to investigate further.
  • Full assessment: During this part of the exam, we will assess your teeth for signs of wear or decay. We can also check existing restorations, such as crowns or fillings, to verify they are still in good shape. Then, we’ll look at your gum health to make sure your bite is balanced. We will then discuss our findings and review any treatment needs you have. Many people have questions during their appointment, and we will be happy to provide the answers you need to feel confident in your treatment options.

What Happens After Your Dental Exam?

If you are only in need of standard cleaning and your teeth are healthy, we generally complete this during your appointment. However, we want all our patients to know that if we find evidence of periodontal disease, you may need a different cleaning method to treat these areas properly. During your appointment, we will discuss these methods. Then, we can get you scheduled for the proper periodontal treatment you need to get your oral health back on track. Furthermore, we can also provide a variety of additional services, such as:

Seek Dental Treatments at Frisco Dental

At Frisco Dental, we understand the fears and challenges that cause people to decide not to go to the dentist. However, we also know that choosing not to go to the dentist can lead to lasting damage to your teeth. When you reach out to our team, we will make sure that your experience is as painless and comfortable as possible. With our help, your teeth can stay healthy for more extended periods. We want to make sure your teeth stay beautiful! Please contact Frisco Dental Associates today at 972.335.2201 to schedule your dental exam.