dental sealantsDental sealants are a painless way to protect your teeth from bacteria and decay. Our dentists apply these protective plastic coatings to your back teeth.

This process is usually straightforward and takes only a few minutes out of your day. Our team will thoroughly clean and prepare the tooth with a special solution. Then we’ll apply the liquid sealant and allow it to set.

The sealant then forms a hard shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves of your teeth, preventing cavities. Sealants are often available for children. However, we may suggest sealants for adult teeth as well to prevent cavities. Call us today at 972.335.2201 to schedule an appointment!

Benefits of Dental Sealants

When you’re trying to prevent cavities, you should brush and floss your teeth each day. Unfortunately, it is often difficult or sometimes impossible to reach the crevices that naturally occur in your teeth, particularly in the molars in the back of your mouth. These areas quickly become a safe place where plaque and bacteria shelter, which can eventually lead to tooth decay. Fortunately, one method you can use to avoid tooth decay’s long-term consequences is dental sealants.

Sealants are beneficial in the area of reducing tooth decay in children. Children are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities due to poor brushing skills, an unhealthy diet, and fluoride deficiencies. Dental sealants can help alleviate the risks to ensure you and your children stay cavity-free.

When our team provides this treatment, it has tremendous benefits to your overall health, such as:

  • Sealants significantly lower the chance of you and your children developing cavities.
  • This treatment eliminates the need for root canals in the future.
  • With the help of this dental treatment, we can strengthen your teeth to prevent future breakage or cracking.
  • You’re able to keep your teeth healthy for longer periods of time.

When you reach out to our experts, we can tell you more about this treatment option and help you determine whether dental sealants are right for you.

What Else Can You Expect From Frisco Dental?

While sealants are an extraordinarily effective tool for keeping your teeth healthy, it is critical to use a range of other treatment options to ensure your oral health. For instance, dental exams are a crucial part of our treatment plans for our patients. During your dental exam, we’ll take low-radiation x-rays to determine how healthy your teeth, gums, and jaw are. These photographs allow us to understand your overall dental health and provide the appropriate treatment options.

During your exam, we’ll also conduct an oral cancer screening. Millions of people die each year due to unidentified oral cancer. If your dentist can catch these problems early, it is much easier to reverse them.

Furthermore, during your exam, we can assess your teeth for apparent signs of decay and make sure that your teeth and gums are still healthy. Once we’ve completed our assessment, we’ll talk about what, if any, problems we’ve identified, then offer you the treatment or solutions you need. If you have cavities, we can also provide dental fillings for both adults and children.

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At Frisco Dental, we want to help you keep your teeth healthy and strong for as long as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to provide protective dentistry services, such as dental sealants. These services can be extremely beneficial to your long-term oral health. We also offer our patients a range of cosmetic and restorative dental services, including:

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